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At Lucky Agency-Chicago, there is one service that we do better than any one else.  It's building trust.  And it's free. So what do you get when you hire Lucky?  Exactly the authenticity and honesty you are hoping for. 100 percent of the time.  That's our promise to you.  We look forward to making you feel great about doing business with us. 


We believe in 4 Key Pillars of a Successful Brand Strategy

  • Brand Trust— One of the most important elements of any Brand Strategy is building Trust in your Brand.  You are making a Promise to your customer and any brand worth its weight needs to deliver on its promise.  We start any strategy engagement with a clear understanding of the promise you are making to your audience.

  • Brand Position—To maximize your brand's value in the minds of your customers it's important to define and share what makes you different.  It's your competitive advantage and one of the most important elements of your overall brand strategy.  We'll help you clearly communicate your brand's unique positioning in the marketplace. 

  • Brand Voice – Your brand is one-of-a-kind.  We ensure individuality by helping you shape a consistent message driven by specific words and tone in the marketplace.

  • Brand Identity—a thoughtful logo, a memorable tag line, and a professional design all contribute to a successful Brand Identity.  We will use our experience and know-how to help you shape your Identity.


You may not be able to judge a book by it’s cover.  But you can judge a company by its name.  Your customer is over burdened with advertising, junk mail, spam and needs to make split decisions on who you are and what you do.  Thus, the value of a name cannot be understated today.  At Lucky, we use a holistic approach to building your company’s name. 

  • Listen to your goals for your Brand

  • Understand the Overall Brand Strategy

  • Develop a Name using our proven Lucky Method


Our Lucky Method is the ability to listen and understand your Brand’s Promise and then combine that with our vast library of Word Topics.  This naming method evokes the right message which drives overall branding for your business.


It’s been said that a picture may be worth a thousand words, true.  But our experience has taught us that a single word (or name) could be worth a 1,000 pictures in your customer’s mind.

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