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The Fosbury Flop.


In 1968, Dick Fosbury revolutionized the high jump by not accepting how it had always been done.  A different way to look at an existing challenge-- exactly the philosophy we take at Lucky Agency-Chicago.  


Albert Einstein said "We cannot solve today's problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."  And like the Fosbury Flop, it often takes changing the playing field in which we work.  We simply will not agree to live in the current paradigm.  

By The Way. . . 

Who decided faster was better?  Or getting more was the goal?  We believe in going slow.  And listening.  And saving.  And helping.  To answer to families rather than shareholders.  Relocate?  How small-minded. Some might say our thinking has no place in the corporate world.  We agree.  

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